Associates Calendar - New Orleans - 2015-2016

08/23/15            Reflections on Papal Encyclical “Laudato Si”
                          Anne Byrne,RSCJ and Patty Mathes, Associate

 10/11/15           Focus on Hearts on Fire Retreat II-SR Barb Quinn,RSCJ
                          Anne Sturges,RSCJ and John Kinabrew, Associate

12/05/15            Advent Day of Reflection and Prayer
                          Shelley Lawrence,RSCJ and Theresa Lutostanski, Associate

01/16-01/18/16   Quad Area Meeting - Cenacle/New Orleans

01/24/16             Provincial Teleconference including Associates

02/20/16             Lenten Day of Prayer and Reflection
                           “Wholly Contemplative,Wholly Apostolic”
                           Annice Callahan,RSCJ and Cathie Kinabrew, Associate

05/25/16             Sophie’s Feast - Renewal of Commitments

06/03/16             Feast of the Sacred Heart - Liturgy at The Rosary

We also have 12 Tuesday night “Dinners and Mass” held at RSCJ community houses     twice monthly September thru May.

- John Kinabrew, Co-Coordinator